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RCT Campus baby's T-shirt - Black

Discover the new Campus RCT collection with this black and red t-shirt. It also features the Ruby Club Toulonnais logo embroidered on the side and...

RCT Campus Bib

Toulon Rugby Campus bib for future Guerriers de la Rade fans. 100% cotton with snap fastener.

Set of 2 RCT Red and Black teats

Supporter from the youngest age, discover this set of 2 pacifiers: one red, one black, both decorated with the RCT logo in the center! The...

Bavoir bleu rugby

Blue and red bib from Rugby Club Toulonnais for future supporter and supporter of the Warriors of the harbor. 100% cotton and snap fastener.

Body blanc 'I love RCT'

Pour un bébé supporter du Rugby Club Toulonnais, découvrez le body blanc 'I love RCT', idéal pour l'été et la mi-saison.

Bleu onesie

Dress your baby Warrior of the harbor in the colors of the South for a warm and well protected night.